Video: Savvy Holds Poseidon Games Exhibition

Savvy Entertainment held the Poseidon Games Exhibition in Dockyard this afternoon.

A spokesperson previously said, “A few months after taking over the leasing of Cross Island in Dockyard, Savvy Entertainment announces that its first sporting event on the island will be the Poseidon Games Exhibition. After much anticipation, the hydroflight event is set to take place on October 6th.

“Poseidon Games Exhibition will showcase three of the world’s top hydroflight athletes. Athletes will perform some of the industry’s most difficult tricks while commentators break down all the sport’s details to the audience live.”

“Cross Island was specifically designed as a water sports super arena and so it was only right that the first sporting event held on Cross Island since America’s Cup be a water sports event,” said Savvy COO Danilee Trott.

“It is very important to us to educate the public about the sport that is so dear to our hearts. Most people do not understand the level of skill that it takes to actually fly let alone be a professional hydroflight athlete.”

“We designed this exhibition to not only be fun and interactive, but to really break down the mechanics of the sport in hopes of getting the public’s attention and to inspire young people to take up the sport,” said Savvy CEO Anthony Blakey.

The 10-minute live video replay is below:

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